Inex Group - Construction Marketing

Inex Group construction marketing campaign created by Birmingham design agency - Traffic. Magazine feature and ad campaign to highlight group's achievements.


After 15 years of fast-track growth, Inex Group has become one of the leading construction firms in the Midlands.

Established in 2001, Inex was founded on an ethos of quality and integrity, offering market-leading construction solutions to the residential, social housing and commercial property sectors.

In 2015, Inex asked us to design an editorial feature and press ad
for Property & Development magazine. Here's how we approached it...


Inex had a remarkable story to tell, so we ensured the major milestones and unique offerings were prioritised in the editorial, which included its beginnings, commitment to sustainable construction and high-profile partnerships.

The firm had forged valuable links with Midland Heart, Aspire Housing and Kier Group which merited a highlighted section on the right-hand side of the spread.

Once we'd set the scene with the feature, we looked to the ad to reinforce the Inex story and call-to-action.

We opted for a typographical creative to emulate the high-level messaging contained within the feature and leave the reader clear on the essence of the Inex brand.


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