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Utilising digital to build an international technology brand

At Traffic, one of our main strengths is our willingness to go the extra mile. This probably sounds quite cliched, but it often means the difference between a ‘satisfied’ client and a ‘delighted’ client. We much prefer to achieve the latter.

To demonstrate how we do this, we asked Steve Richardson, Commercial Director at Rimilia, how Traffic went the extra mile to help them develop an international technology brand.


1) What sparked the decision to review your digital marketing?

Rimilia is a fast growing technology company that’s risen to become the leading UK supplier of intelligent finance solutions. We wanted to update our web presence to build a window to the world.


2) What did the new website need to achieve (that the previous site wasn’t doing)?

To cement our brand on a world stage and demonstrate our leading edge solutions. The old website, whilst fit for purpose, was targeted mainly at the UK market and was becoming flat and one dimensional. We wanted to develop a world-class site that would project Rimilia as a global company. We’re already providing our award-winning software solutions to leading brands like Hitachi, Veolia, Santander, Britvic, Biffa, Avis to name a few, so we wanted to attract even more global blue chip companies.



3) Why did you choose Traffic over the other agencies that pitched?

We put together a clear business plan with set objectives and wanted someone to bring our plan to life and share our vision to create a unique world class platform for our organisation. We went to tender and spoke to a number of agencies. When we met the Traffic team, within the first 15 minutes we knew we could do business with them. Their approach, vision and shared excitement brought our plan to life and we asked that they push themselves to their limits to come up with a site that met our specific requirements. The guys at Traffic took our requirements and turned them into something we did not believe possible.


4) How would you describe Traffic’s approach throughout the project?

The old saying of “people do business with people”. The team at Traffic from the get-go demonstrated their professionalism and eye for leading design, which was all delivered with a smile and a down to earth approach. We pushed and pushed them and made a number of changes, and the guys just kept coming back and delivering time and time again - a refreshing approach, with a clear vision that many of their peers could learn from. They provided a clear and transparent pricing model that they stuck to even when we asked for more. They certainly went the extra mile (or two!)



5) What have been the main benefits of the new creative and website for Rimilia?

We’re very proud of the website and have received a whole range of plaudits for its design and more importantly Google Analytics have shown the traffic to the site has increased 10-fold from around the world. The number of new leads attracted has increased x 20 with a whole range of new blue chip clients signing up as a direct result of the new site, we cannot say better than that!


6) What are Rimilia’s plans over the next 1-2 years?

Rimilia has very ambitious plans. We’re continuing to grow the business year-on-year and the next two years are the most critical as Rimilia becomes a world leader in its field, providing financial software to large global corporations. We’re excited at the launch of two new ground breaking products to add to our offering. Our website will continue to develop and take it as far as we can to amplify the Rimilia brand as world-class.

Phil Elwell