Traffic is an award-winning Birmingham design and digital agency - we can help you reach more targeted people and increase your sales across multiple regions.


So how can we help?

Are you looking to get a better response from your current activity or just don't know where to start? Either way, you're in the right place.

At Traffic, we help organisations like yours improve 3 main business areas; marketing communications (online and offline), online learning and collaboration.

For over 8 years, we've helped our clients to grow, learn and collaborate.


Our online and offline team can help you to engage more people with potent communications. We do this across a range of tactics, from refurbishing websites and content, increasing search engine visibility to topping off user experience with a handy app. Go here for online and here for offline.

Our next specialism is online learning - an extraordinarily effective and efficient way of keeping your teams at the top of their game. Our online learning solution complements face-to-face training with on-demand modular learning exercises while saving you thousands on trainer costs, venue hire and travel expenses each year. Learn more here.

We've also developed an online collaboration tool that can help you improve internal communication and collaboration. In a nutshell, it helps teams share knowledge and expertise internally across multiple regions, helping to strengthen internal brands, increase inter-employee engagement and lead cultural change. Learn more here.

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