Atomic Email Verifier Reviews

Atomic Email Verifier is a powerful, easy-to-use email verifier that lets you verify contact database availability and accuracy. It can also be used for one-click verification of all the email addresses in any file (for example, mailing list) or web page. You can import lists of URLs from files or URLs entered in the address line in the browser.

Verify your data file in any of the three modes – fast (popup window), standard (text editor), or advanced (MS Outlook-like interface). You can preview verification results before sending them via email to you or exporting them to MS Excel for further processing. Atomic Email Verifier works through a firewall and is compatible with all major Windows email packages.

The program comes with detailed help and video tutorials.

Verify your contact list in three steps:

1) Download Atomic Email Verifier from

2) Install the software

3) Verify your data file in any of fast (popup window), standard (text editor), or advanced (MS Outlook-like interface).


1. “Amazing Software to Outreach Audience”


I’m involving this product for a considerable length of time. I found it extremely helpful for Email list confirmation. One can without much of a stretch browse the email list by involving the Atomic mail verifier in a couple of snaps. Assuming you want to eliminate malicious, terrible area messages from your email list or then again to clean your email list, an Atomic mail verifier is the best fit for you.
The best highlights are

  1. It will eliminate invalid and hard-Bounce email addresses from the email list.
  2. It will eliminate Similar email addresses from the rundown.
  3. It will eliminate grammar blunder email addresses from the rundown.
  4. It will eliminate Spam and Bad email addresses from the rundown.
  5. You can likewise confirm email tends to be individually or just a solitary email address.
  6. You can transfer your email list in any configuration and from any source and interestingly, there is no restrictions on the number of email addresses in a rundown for approval.
  7. You can check your email records in mass too.


The email marketing software is a great tool for small and large businesses alike. It has all the features that one needs in order to build their list of potential customers, which will help them market themselves better than ever before! The price may seem high at first glance, but when you look past these functions, it really isn’t so bad- especially since there are many free alternatives available on Google Play Store or Apple App store with no ads attached (though some do require subscriptions).

2. “Excellent Software ”


This is a great tool for email marketers. Validation is key to any type of cold mailing, and this helps you do it with ease!


The new features I’m most excited about are the ability to verify emails faster, and more effective filter searches.

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