How To Do a Friendly 301 Redirect With .htaccess

About The 301 Redirect – A How-To Tutorial If you have decided to move a whole website, or move a whole directory or folder, or just move a page, then a 301 redirect is the way to do it. Or perhaps you’ve renamed a page but don’t want to lose the traffic from people who’ve […]

How To Redirect an Entire Folder or Directory With a 301 Redirect Using .htaccess

Redirecting an Entire Folder or Directory If you’d like to redirect a whole directory (commonly called a ‘folder’), the code is not that much different from a specific page redirect. Redirecting/redirect an entire whole folder: Assuming that the user is looking for the page ““, – these different directives would redirect to the respective URLs […]

How To Redirect an Entire Website With a 301 Redirect Using .htaccess

If you haven’t already, please read my introduction to 301 redirects post for a full understanding of the 301 redirects using your .htaccess file. Redirecting Entire Websites: redirect 301 / In the above example(s), the first “/” indicates that everything from the root level of the site down (to the folder name if specified) […]

10 Google Alerts Secrets For Link Building & SEO

One of My Favorite Secret Weapons Google Alerts is a favorite tool I’ve been using for about a year now. These versatile, simple, and easy-to-use tools not only help for building links, but it is also great for relationship building, content ideas and development, research, finding industry or topical news, and so much more. I should […]

How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam

If you’re into SEO, then you know the power of a blog. If you’re into blogging, there’s a good chance you use WordPress (like we do – this site!). And if you use WordPress, there’s a good chance you’ve been getting bogus phony user spam registrations from free email services like,,,, […]

18 Nasty Ways To Get Links – Do Not Try These

18 Nasty Ways To Get Links – Do Not Try These Following on from ways to get links, here are some blackhat nasty ways I have seen people use. The people who use these techniques won’t use them on a domain they can’t afford to lose; some of these techniques may be long dead, and […]

3 Hot Tips For Finding Great Domains

Here are three quick and easy hot tips for finding a domain with the juice to get you on top of the search results. Tip #1: Search for Single Letters Are you having trouble finding a domain with your keyword? Instead of searching for keywords, try just searching for an “a” or “u.” My mother […]

Why Keywords Are Important in a Domain Name

So, you’ve heard that keywords in a domain name are not important? Well, what you’ve heard is pure BS… they are essential. If you wonder why, you can hear it from THE top SEO guru – the man who wrote the book. “SEO Book” that is Aaron Wall. Aaron just posted: Here’s a Recap Of […]

How To Profit From Expired Domain Names

Today’s age is all about recycling, and nothing seems to have capitalized on this more than expired domain names. These have represented a great potential of earning quick money online. Ever since the dot com downfall, people have been thinking of innovative ways to access tools that track expiring websites every day! Count Yourself Lucky […]

So you dont know how to get links? 1002 ways!

You don’t know how to get links? Try These 1002 ways! A web developer friend recently asked how he could get links, so here you go, Students. Ask for links Request a link from the local chamber of commerce Contact the webmasters on the phone and ask for links Email webmaster and ask for links […]