How Good Domain Names Portray Brand
How Good Domain Names Portray Brand

How Good Domain Names Portray Brand

We’ve talked a bit about how keywords in your domain name are helpful, now let’s talk about how domain names can help convey a brand.

If you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on an online advertising campaign, you can still create brand awareness simply by choosing a domain name that conveys the topic of what the site is about, along with being catchy. You can also leverage existing brands to help create that added comfort with your brand.

For example, if I were going to start a home improvement website that dealt with how-to information, kitchen decorating, remodeling, interior design, etc., it would not only pay to have keywords in the domain for search engine purposes but make it memorable.

One I like is While this conveys that the site is about home remodeling, it also leverages one of the most highly recognized online brands, making it not only more memorable but there is instant rapport due to the comfort level of that brand.

Another great domain that conveys brand, as well as content/context, is This is clearly a website about humor and seems to be more geared toward the more intellectual crowd than the typical Jackass crazed twenty-something.
The point is, make your domain name brandable, searchable, and memorable, and your job of marketing your website will be much easier.

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