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How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam

How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam.

If you’re into SEO, then you know the power of a blog. If you’re into blogging, there’s a good chance you use WordPress (like we do – this site!). And if you use WordPress, there’s a good chance you’ve been getting bogus phony user spam registrations from free email services like mail.ru, web.de, buy-24h.net.ru, bigmir.net, yandex.ru, list.ru, or one of many others.

And you’ve been wondering. “how can I block or stop WordPress blog registration spam?” “Spambots are trying to register for my WordPress blog – does anyone know of a WordPress plugin to prevent spam user registrations?”

The Spam User Registration Solution – SABRE WordPress Plugin

How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam
How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam

We just found the perfect WordPress plugin to block or stop spam bot user registration (by Didier Lorphelin). It’s called SABRE (Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine) and “is dedicated to the protection of your blog against automatic registration by spammers.” We just installed it, then very easily set up how we wanted to block the spammers (from a variety of methods), and presto, our registration form is bot tight (hopefully!). WE LOVE THIS PLUGIN and how extensive it is!

What SABRE Anit-Spam Registration Plugin Does

How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam

Here’s what the ‘about’ section of the SABRE plugin says it does:

“This modular protection can run a set of unobtrusive controls for a regular user and include a captcha or math test in the registration form. You can choose to include both or one test or let the plugin choose the test randomly. Another possible way is to ask the user to confirm his registration by clicking on a link submitted by mail after he registered. This confirmation must take place within a maximum period of time, or the account will become unusable.”

We’ve been using Registration Blacklist from Web-Professor.net to blacklist domains that bots and spammers use, but the drawback is we still get spammed, then we have to update the blacklist with the new spam domain. SABRE is proactive and prevents spam before it happens.

Here are some screenshots of the interface, just to give you an idea of how extensive it is.


SABRE Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine 1

Everybody loves stats, and SABRE gives them to you. Find out how many spams bot registrations have been blocked, how many have been allowed, and how many are pending registration (what’s this? you ask). Yes, you can set a time limit for users to verify their registration, or it gets nixed. – more later.

Captach Options

How To Stop WordPress Registration Spam

SABRE Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine 2

Have you ever seen a captcha plugin with more options than this? This is the option we chose for our user registration on SEOspring.

Math Test & Other Options

SABRE Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine 3

Don’t like captchas? Have your users complete a simple math test instead. Don’t really care and want to mix it up a bit? have the plugin randomly decide between captcha or math test, and what the math test will be, etc.
I really like the ‘Stealth’ option: “Block if Javascript unsupported.” Why?

Because of what this ingenious plugin developer realized – “Consider that a lack of Javascript capabilities is a spambot’s footprint.” So we use that option too.
Then there are the ‘Confirmation Options’ with the ability to have users confirm their registration with a set amount of days – or it’s bye-bye.
Now it’s set and forget. I hope. I’ll keep you Updated and let you know if we find any unwanted intruders lurking on our reg form.

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