How to use video brochures for lead generation

Traffic recently helped NHS finance and workforce specialists Liaison generate a series of new business appointments with NHS decision makers via a video brochure campaign.

Liaison Video Brochure


We were asked by Liaison, an organisation which provides financial and workforce services to two thirds of the NHS, to produce a video brochure to mail out to 100 top prospects across England and Wales.

Liaison wanted to break through the myriad of emails and direct mail received by the NHS on a daily basis, and firmly position itself as the go-to consultancy for reducing staffing agency costs.

One of the great things about video brochures is that most people aren't expecting to receive one, which means they're much more likely to engage with it when they do.

For this campaign, we designed an A5 landscape video brochure to showcase Liasion's award-winning TempRE Bank solution - an online application that helps NHS Trusts manage and reduce temporary staffing costs.

We opted for a short, compelling proposition on the front cover, to highlight how the reader may be missing out on valuable cost savings.

On opening the brochure, page two presents a flavour of TempRE Bank and how it can free-up valuable funds to spend elsewhere in the Trust.

Moving on to page 3, the video immediately starts, running the reader through a 60-second animation of how, and why the solution is so effective at reducing agency staffing costs. At any time, the video can be replayed, paused and the volume adjusted.

The video brochure provides a refreshing alternative to navigating banks of copy and bullets. And because the recipient is unlikely to be expecting to receive one, they're far more likely to absorb the content and become a qualified lead.

This was definitely the case for Liaison, with the brochure generating 12 face-to-face appointments in the first two weeks after mail out.