Technology and software marketing agency - How we're helping financial technology brand Rimilia tell its impressive 'story so far'. 


Helping Rimilia tell its impressive 'story so far'...


Like any agency, we're keen to 'big up' our clients. And in the case of financial services technology client Rimilia, they deserve a huge shout. Here's why...

From a standing start in 2008, the company has amassed a client list that wouldn't look out of place in the brochure of a FTSE 100 company. Global brands including Avis, Disney, Hitachi, Santander and Adecco, are all enjoying the benefits of Rimilia's award-winning cash allocation software Alloc8.

To complement their digital strategy, Rimilia asked us to create a new brochure to encapsulate their impressive 'story so far'.

Over the last 8 years, the company has crafted an approachable, inviting brand with a compelling, corporate message. Our task was to stay true to the brand and communicate the huge gains Alloc8 offers time-poor CFOs and finance teams. So here's what we did...

Opting for 'Rimilia pink' on the front cover with a simple message, we wanted to make readers feel engaged and intrigued from the off. (A techie-looking brochure was never on the cards).

A full spread on pages 2 & 3 launches the high-level proposition and gently guides the reader to the solution and the main gains.

Pages 4 & 5 tells the potential customer what they really want to hear; how the solution will benefit their organisation in numbers. And there's some pretty remarkable ones, as you can see.

The final spread substantiates the impressive stats, with some superlative comments from clients including Biffa and Avis.

To make more use of the back page we included a QR code linking to client experience videos to continue their remarkable far. 


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