You don’t know how to get links? Try These 1002 ways!

how to get links
So you don’t know how to get links? 1002 ways!

A web developer friend recently asked how he could get links, so here you go, Students.

Ask for links

Link Networks

Buy links (how to get links)

Give away stuff (how to get links)

Content (how to get links)

Exchange Links (how to get links)

Photographs (how to get links)

 Linkbait (how to get links)

So you dont know how to get links? 1002 ways! (how to get links)

Keep a record of all efforts, sites submitted to, people contacted, etc. A lot of this list comes from other sources, mostly arron walls, and Brandon Hopkins. To be honest, I don’t remember where some of these came from, so if I have stolen your ideas, then let me know.

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